Fundamentals will include:
-Oscillators and Waveforms
-LFOs and Modulation
-Envelopes and ADSR
-Additive and subtractive synthesis
-Granular and wavetable synthesis
-Hardware vs. software
-Physical and virtual patch design
-MIDI and signal routing
-Modular design



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Ever wonder how that awesome 80’s synth lead or that epic sweep in your favorite soundtrack was made? Well, we’ve got you covered! BHOME’s Intro to Synthesis Workshop is an opportunity to master the fundamentals of software and hardware synthesizers in one place. Within just two hours, you’ll be creating your own custom synth patches and sounds with academic and artistic precision (which, let’s face it, is pretty awesome). Based in Ableton Live, you’ll be able to utilize BHOME’s iMics, iMacs, and expansive collection of Moog hardware instruments and effects to create and record your own synth sounds. You will also be able to export your sound experiments for later sessions and further development. This workshop will be taught by veteran electronic music producer Evan “Skytree” Snyder.

Whether you want to create the next great retro synthwave track, score a sci-fi film or just jam and create infinitely variable instruments until the end of time, we’re confident you’ll have a great learning experience and expand your artistic horizons at our Intro to Synthesis Workshop on September 25th and 26th (6:30-8:00pm both days).

Make sure to bring a USB to save your work! Email us at with any inquiries about this event! Please use the subject headline "Intro to Synthesis Workshop" in your message.

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